Although it is very convenient to buy certain drugs without prescription, it is not an option for such invigorating as Kamagra (sildenafil). So to buy the sexual enhancers in pharmacy you will be asked for a prescription from your doctor. The thing is that Kamagra can be dangerous for a certain group of patients.

Can I buy Kamagra without a prescription?

To receive a prescription for Kamagra or any other remedy for erectile dysfunction, you must visit your health care provider. As an alternative, you can request a prescription online at one of the legal pharmacies. Such a pharmacy will offer a health questionnaire to determine if this remedy is suitable for your conditions.

It is sometimes impossible to prescribe Kamagra online safely. In such a case you should talk with the doctor to find other possible options to treat erectile dysfunction. If you suffer from sexual impotence due to hypertension, diabetes, overweight or high cholesterol, you should consult with the doctor to examine it in detail.

Why is it important to visit the doctor before taking Kamagra?

Everyone knows that there is Viagra and other similar remedies. So one can think that it is possible to take a pill that your friend is taking to enhance sexual function. Although Viagra and other medicines with sildenafil (for example, Kamagra) are safe and effective, it should still be taken by prescription only.

There is a group of patients who can not take Kamagra at all because of certain contraindications. Some men have the highest risk of side effects from the concomitant diseases and other medications they are now using. The thing is that erectile dysfunction can be a consequence of other diseases that require treatment in the first place. In this case, medical consultation is mandatory. On this page you will find out why Kamagra and other sexual invigorants are available only by prescription.

The erection occurs when the man is sexually aroused. The brain sends signals through the nerves in the penis to promote blood circulation in this part of the body. Any disease that affects the circulation of blood or the nervous system can interfere with the ability to get erections. So erectile dysfunction can arise because of mental disorders, lack of libido or it can be a side effect of certain medications.

When one suffers from erectile dysfunction, consultation with a doctor is essential to define the causes of this disorder. Erectile dysfunction can serve as a precaution that the patient already has atherosclerosis, hypertension or diabetes. The doctor must define whether erectile dysfunction is a sudden or gradual condition to define its true causes.

Various causes of erectile dysfunction different types of treatment
Patients who have diagnosed diabetes or cardiovascular disease should first treat these ailments.

The treatment of the main cause of erectile dysfunction can improve the ability to erect. If sexual impotence is caused by a certain drug, it can be replaced with an analog. But it is important that one does not stop taking the prescribed medication if it has not been recommended by a doctor, on the contrary it can harm their health. If the cause of erectile dysfunction consists of lifestyle (obesity, smoking, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, lack of exercise, etc.) the doctor can recommend that the patient change the way of life to combat the problem .

Other medicines and disorders that can influence Kamagra

The use of Kamagra or any other sexual invigorating with other remedies containing nitrates can cause a very dangerous effect on the heart. For example, nitrates are used to treat angina or in the form of recreational drugs.

Also men with certain conditions should also be very cautious taking Kamagra. The following diseases are referred to these conditions: cardiovascular diseases, Peyronie’s disease, predisposition to priapism.

Doctors also warn that Kamagra is contraindicated for patients who have had heart attacks or strokes. The doctor must take all these factors into consideration before delivering the prescription for Kamagra.

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