Fast mini-credits of up to 800 dollars without guarantee


Since the financial crisis erupted, banks have dramatically reduced the loans offered, drowning the economy and leaving many families and professionals without financing who have had to resort to other ways to obtain money that also ask for few requirements, since their situation economic in many cases has worsened.

Payday loans offered by financial institutions

Payday loans offered by financial institutions

One of the alternatives to Payday loans offered by financial institutions are fast mini-credits offered by private entities such as Nice money, with which you can get up to 800 USD in a few minutes, without a guarantee and with very reduced requirements, for anyone can access them.

Mini-credits are low-amount loans that can be processed in a few minutes and with which you can enjoy the money the same day you apply. They are very useful for exceptional occasions when the end of the month is not reached because there have been extra expenses, or when an unexpected invoice arrives that cannot be delayed.

Nice money is an entity belonging to the North American group DFC Global Group that operates throughout the world offering financial services and that enjoys great prestige for its professionalism and seriousness. Although the first time you can only get a maximum of 300 USD, you can go up to 800 in the following if there are no problems with the return.

Event that you can not have the money

Event that you can not have the money

You will have a period of 30 days to return the money, although you can return it earlier. In addition, in the event that you can not have the money on the due date, you can make deferrals of 30 days, previously paying the expenses of the period that expires.

To request the money from your mini-credit you will have to fill in your details in the application form on the Nice money website. You must be over 18 years of age, have a demonstrable minimum income of 600 USD per month and not be registered as delinquent on any list of unpaid bills.

You must send by email or fax a copy of your DNI or NIE and, if you do not use the Instantor online validation system, also send a copy of a domiciled receipt or your bank book. Remember that mini-credits should be used for exceptional situations and not on a regular basis, since their cost is quite high.


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