Credit Without Credit – loans can be taken out online or directly

The loans can be taken out online or directly from the banks in Switzerland. If one decides to be admitted on the Internet, one can assume that the acceptance or rejection of the loan will be communicated within a few minutes.

The conditions of having loan without credit bureau

The conditions 

Even if you can take out such a loan without asking Credit bureau, it is still important for the banks that the customer meets some requirements for the loan, and the conditions are very narrow.

Such a loan is generally a small loan that is granted up to a maximum of USD 3,500. Even if the creditworthiness is not checked, the customer must be able to demonstrate a steady job with a high income. Additional collateral must also be deposited.

Many banks sign a transfer of income that can be collected if the installment payments are not made on a regular basis. In addition, one must assume that the interest rate for a Swiss loan is higher than for a conventional installment loan, which is granted by a German bank with a good credit rating.

Despite all this, this form of credit still offers the possibility of being able to raise at least a small amount of money even in relatively hopeless situations. And that’s more than many expect in such a situation.

That should be noted

That should be noted

A credit from Switzerland is not recorded in the Credit bureau. An advantage that many customers should like. However, the credit is therefore not “out of the world”, but must always be serviced regularly. Those who forget this will quickly notice that the bank does not forget the payment obligations. And if you do not appreciate this opportunity accordingly, you will not get another chance for a new loan without creditworthiness. Especially not if the credit rating is not good.